Venture Capital

What’s really interesting to us is there is unmet need with strong pain.        However, It is rare to find someone who can clearly and concisely identify the problem, and formulate a coherent approach to solve it.

​Your best teacher, your best mentor, was probably not the one you necessarily liked the best at the time. But they were the ones who pushed you the furthest to help you accomplish your best.

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs seek the right direction and grow fast while we have no answer as well.

Investment Prerequisite:

  • Integrity

  • Corporate Governance

  • Transparency

  • Coachable 

Investment Criteria:

  • Preferred Stock Investment ONLY

  • Premoney less than US$5M ONLY 

  • First Institutional Investor

  • NO Pharma, NO Cryptocurrency

Investment Style:

  • Specialized in Finance & Growth strategy

  • Active role in the board

  • Follow-on investment while milestone achieved 

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