Private Equity

We take significant ownership stakes in our investments coupled with a disciplined and hands-on management of those investments.

Our investment philosophy is to assist portfolio companies to build better businesses and achieve long-term success.

We manage our private equity investments to increase business by including the following best practices in a partnership with management and key stakeholders

Strategic Planning & Execution

  • Join the board of directors

  • Identify and realize performance improvements in areas such as sales growth, profit margin M&A/CAPEX expansion, and asset/capital efficiency.

  • Implement corporate governance

Financial Planning & Execution

  • Rigorous analysis of financial results and operating budgets

  • Establish strong accounting systems and cash flow measurements for management decisions and for annual audit

  • Manage debt/equity to the optimal level

Business Transformation

  • Recruit managers critical to the execution map and complementary to the current team

  • Invest in new CAPEX and improve/divest under-performing assets

  • Research and execute M&A deals to complement organic growth

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