Family Office

We help family business have smooth succession and have feasible long-term growth plan by managing the family assets including the majority equity of the family business as the family office gate keeper.

In most cases, the conflict among family members is the key issue. We have strong systematic knowledge to lead the communication process and we invest into the family business sometimes to ensure the alignment of the shareholders' interest.


Confidentiality, integrity and finance acumen are our key success factors. 

Services with Partners:


  • Estate PlanningTax Planning

  • Family meetings/ Retreats

  • Family Constitution

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Family Asset Management

  • Business/ Investment Assessment

  • Family Governance 

  • Succession Planning

Investment Criteria:

  • Successor is identified

  • Acquiring significant minority or majority shares

  • Net income >US$1M or net equity value >US$20M

  • Eager for Finance & Strategy expert

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